Kids wear Pehran

પહેરણ – Kids Wear made from Khaddar 100% handmade cotton textile.

Comfortable, safe, and easy to wash

Usually, the first choice for making kids clothes is Cotton. The criteria to select kidswear are of the textile which is the like absorbency, breathability and comfort level. Kids have very sensitive skin; the handcrafted cotton textile helps the skin to breath in summers, though the fabric may visually be thick it is very much air-circulating and makes it best for summers and winters.

The Fabric for this garment is 100% handmade cotton (Handspun with Box Charkha, woven on Handloom) and made by STUDIO aVni as part of the REVIVAL OF HANDSPINNING Movement in India. This textile is beneficial for the health of Children as it is made from locally grown cotton in Gujarat and ethically produced. No chemical used in the process; all processes are with natural ingredients. HANDMADE FABRICS help soothe the skin from the soaring temperature and reduce discomfort.

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The fabric is made in Gujarat (in India), by home based workers.


  • Limited edition
  • 100% handmade
  • Locally grown cotton
  • Yarn in handspun with Box Charkha
  • Textile woven on manual handloom
  • Chemical less processing

Availability: Request for product details and collaborations. Special pricing for bulk buyer.

The product is the outcome of our initiative ‘Chalo Charkho Ramiye’ to encourage learning and practice hand-spinning.

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