KHADDAR – 100% handmade fabric

खादी | खद्दर – हाथ से कते सूत का हाथ करघे पर बना कपड़ा

The KHADDAR yardage – 100% handmade textile (khaddar / khadi) is for you when you EMBRACE human expressions and IRREGULARITIES of handmade.

It’s a LABOUR of Love – All the processes in making of Khaddar, from cotton to fabric, requires lot of labour with diligent patience. The yarn in handspun with Box Charkha and is woven on manually operated looms (handloom).

The fabric is made in Gujarat (in India), by home based workers.


  • Limited edition
  • 100% handmade
  • Locally grown cotton
  • Yarn in handspun with Box Charkha
  • Textile woven on manual handloom
  • Chemical less processing

Availability: Request for product details and collaborations. Special pricing for bulk buyer.

The product is the outcome of our initiative ‘Chalo Charkho Ramiye’ to encourage learning and practice hand-spinning.

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