The real experience in travel is one which is not manicured. I love to take people around to my country and specialise in curating travel experience bespoke for clientele; students, researchers, culture enthusiasts, artists.

I believe to that giving EXPOSURE and EXPERIENCE of traditional hand-skills, culture, arts, crafts to people, specially children and youth is important so that they are able to ACCEPT them in their lives some or the other way. My educational model is non-formal (yet planned) and inclusive of creativity, technicality, practicality. My expertise is to design bespoke travel and education programs for all age groups and for people from any background.

I provide online (from distanct consultation) for national and international clients; to culture & heritage experts, researchers, travellers, art enthusiasts, artists & designers, students, cultural exchange organisations, museum & galleries, design & craft based businesses to plan their travel and research works for India. I make myself available to be your companion for travel as well coordinate your India itinerary.

Reliving Gandhi – at Gandhi’s first Ashram in India

Colour & texture study presentation

Eco-ganesha making

Textile education toys making workshop

Mud-mirror art workshop

Teaching for Social program