Avani Varia is engaged in research, documentation and promotion of India’s culture, indigenous textiles, non-textile crafts and art. Through her initiatives, she has been able to weave together educative and research-oriented design, and travel experiences aimed at safeguarding the Heritage Arts of India as well as look into sustainable income generation. Art for Wellbeing and Rehabilitation is one of the major areas of her interest.

Chalo Charkho Ramiye


Avani Varia centered her works related to HERITAGE & ARTS be it in India or out of the country. She provides consultancy services independently as well as in collaborations and partnerships. She works internationally on projects and represents India at world forums by means of Arts, Design & Culture. With an extensive professional journey over two decades now, from the year 2020 her focus is to offer services for international clients; to culture & heritage experts, researchers, travellers, art enthusiasts, artists & designers, students, cultural exchange organisations, museum & galleries, design & craft based businesses.


Avani works closely with artisans & craftspeople of textile and non-textile traditions across India. She helps them utilise their heritage skills for sustainable income generation. She endorses products through ‘Shop for a Cause’ thereby contributing to the livelihood of makers in India. She has existing range of products in her shop as well give services for bespoke products.

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