Traditionally in India dried herbs are used to make natural incense, and also used them to prevent infections, purify one’s environment, energize the vital life and aid healing, relaxation, concentration or energising. It is believed in India that doing dhoop is good for purifying the environment. When one burns the charcoal and puts such natural substances that create fragrant smoke is known as dhoop in Gujarati language. The utensil used to do dhoop is called dhupiyu. The dhupiyu here is handmade by clay by local potters. It is used to burn charcoal and stream fragrant smoke while performing prayers, daily ritual at home, during festival and special occasions.

The product is outcome of our initiative VARIA potters to encourage use of clay products and support traditional potters to sustain their occupation. Our team is working with this community and trying to revitalise the old time ritualistic products that are replaced by new age materials to sustain traditions along with giving livelihood to local potters.

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