What we do

We work independently as well in collaboration with individuals and organisations across the globe for heritage and arts related projects and programs with a proficient base in India.

Our services broadly include the following:

  • Research assistance for heritage arts, crafts & culture; specialisation in Gujarat & Rajasthan with reach to various other parts of India
  • Curating workshops, events, exhibitions, seminars
  • Strategic planning & management for art & crafts based businesses
  • Curating & organising bespoke voyage experience (rural and urban)
  • Information concerning Museums
  • Mentor students for Indian Heritage arts
  • Lectures, talks & workshops
  • Academic curriculum design

Why You Choose Us

Our services in design, research, documentation, education and tourism have core expertise in Heritage Arts; with a wide-ranging journey of its founder Ms. Avani Varia over two decades. We strive to offer the best solution for client requirements and practical advice at a modest price. We work directly with makers and provide them with professional support and fair wages.

Through creative inputs, we bring enthusiasm and dedication to every project we work on. We listen, we discuss, we advise and mostly get involved with only 2 projects at a time. Choose aVni if you want a partner who cares and is committed for each clientele.

Want to work with Us?

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