MUSEUMS are at the heart of contemporary societies; representatives of history, culture, skill, arts and much more.

Founded in 2014, ‘MUSEUMS of AHMEDABAD’ is a public interest initiative catering to museums and private collectors. Initiated by aVni a social enterprise in its own right, the initiative responds to the challenges faced by museums and private collectors. It provides consultation and services with the objective of making museums experiential learning spaces.

This program includes the management of a museum, organisation of its collections, research and documentation, archive standards, branding, promotion and a professional frame of reference adhering to international quality.

The program is to:

  • Collect and compile information of the museums and private collectors.
  • Promote the museums / collectors.
  • Connect the museums / collectors.
  • Facilitate to make Museums vibrant learning spaces.
  • Provide consultation to museums, collectors, educational institutions and organisations.
  • Provide consultation for museum for brand building, promotion, revenue generation, publication, souvenir shops and much more.

Project landmarks:

  • Short film – how many museums are there in Ahmedabad (JULY 2013)
  • Research and documentation of Museums of Ahmedabad since 2014.
  • First all museums meet on 18 May 2016 – International Museum Day.
  • Internship offered to students and professionals for research, documentation, promotion and marketing.
  • Strategic online promotion; participation in international online museum related activities. E.g. participating ininternational Museum Week celebration 28/3 to 3/4 2016 on twitter; representing all the museums of Ahmedabad. On ICOM and MUSEUMS of WORLD website since 2015.
  • Designing of Museum related publications.
  • Monthly meeting – Museums of Ahmedabad.
    • 18 May 2016
    • 25 June 2016
    • 11 July 2016
  • Public event – 18 May 2017, Museums of Ahmedabad MAP Launch