Avani Varia


Life to me is an exhilarating journey of ongoing evolution…

Avani Varia admires the great culture of her home country and its rich legacy of arts and crafts. Her surname, VARIA, actually refers to the familial line of traditional potters in the northwest Indian state of Gujarat. She was formally educated in India in numerous aspects of design and teaching, and subsequently received her MA in Arts and Heritage Management from London.

Over and above being a manage, educator, traveler, Avani is also an artist in her own right. Checkout her Art explorations.

Avani has over 2 decades of professional experience of teaching and managing art, craft and design projects. She is working at various professional capacities since 1996; product and surface designer, graphic designer, teacher and lecturer, researcher and documentation personal, online publicity strategist and executor, manager, merchandiser, exhibition designer and executor, facilitator, curator, an artist and a systems person.

Avani aspires to initiate and manage collaborative projects with education, research, design and tourism to safeguard Heritage and Arts apace with sustainable income generation. Art for Wellness and Rehabilitation programs is a major interest area for her. To work for international projects that represent India to the world via Arts, Design & Culture would be an ideal professional situation for Avani.


Publications & International Papers

March 2015

“Smart People” Magazine
“what is needed for Indian women to reach international platform”

June 2015

“Smart People” Magazine
“Reviving Heritage Spaces in Gujarati Home”
Think Global Be Local – પણીયારુ- વિસરાતી જતી વારસાગત ગુજરાતી ઘરની જગ્યા

1 Oct 2015, Page 120,122

Feelings Magazine

સમાજમા સ્ત્રીની ભૂમિકા ખૂબ જે મોટી છે, અને સાઇલેંટ છે. આપણા ભાગમા આવેલ દરેક જવાબદારી ખુશી ખુશી નીભાવવી. – અવની

Dec 1, 2015  

‘Parampara’ (Traditional Paniyary, a sacred water space) – a book on India’s climate friendly and sustainable practices. Prime Minister Narendra Modi releasing ‘Parampara’ at the Paris conference. Publication was exclusively part of the International Climate Change Conference Paris in 2015.

12th – 13th May, 2011

Pairings: Conversations, Collaborations, Materials – International Conference – Avani Varia presented for two as below:

The Savarkundla Project and Beyond – a slide-illustrated presentation with Prof. Cindy Gould of IOWA State University
(page 66 to 69)

An audio-visual montage and poster on VARIA Community potters of India.

Jan 1, 2014 

‘The Trellis’, a publication by National Institute of Design, The Savarkundala project and beyond – a collaborative article