Avani as ARTIST

Life has always pulled me towards professional work that consisted designing and management of artistic projects which has not allow me to claim to be an artist and I aim to break this norm.

Art for me has to be intuitive; expression and not perfection. It is self expression that can reach to a peak of highest form of skill/s and for me hand skills. It can be purely idealistic or utility based where for me a lot is bending towards the later. ART to me is my breath so it shall keep going till I am physically present in this world to keep me ALIVE.

My professional journey is blended with creativity and management, while my heart always experiences to be of an Artist. There is always excitement to learn more about different cultures and hand skills. The love and fondness of heritage arts have shaped my career path working closely at grassroots with makers and have insights of their living which has influenced my way of working and also practising arts myself.

Without formal education in Arts, it has still become part of my life with my birth in a traditional potter’s family, though learning various art skills informally to me working directly with traditional artisans and craftspeople. I have experienced that everyone is an artist in their own terms especially in my exploration in India.